Dental implants act as artificial roots. The final goal is to replace missing teeth. They get intimately integrated to the bone (osseointegration) and coexits perfectly with the other tissues of the mouth.

At Dental Clinic Dr. Rojo we have over 25 years of experience in implantology, we have been trained to use a swiss implant system: ITI Straumann Implant System. This is a worldwide leader in implant dentistry. You can click the link.

We also have available the technology to make computer-guided surgery, immediate implants and minimally invasive surgery (without sutures).

Guided Surgery is performed using a 3D scanner (CBCT). In our clinic we have the Kodak 9000 CBCT device, which can also be used in other specialties like Endodontics. This helps us to get a more precise and accurate diagnosis in all cases, and a more careful study of the patient without having to go to a radiologic center.

Using this scanner together with a computer software we can proceed with the computer-guided surgery. This means that, before performing the surgery to the patient we can virtually do it on the computer, taking into account all the details. Thus, when we operate the patient the risks that may exist are very minimize and controlled.