Oral rehabilitation and prosthetics


A dental prosthesis is an artificial element which is used to restore the anatomy of one or several teeth, recovering the function and aesthetics.

Prosthetic dentistry includes the development of different kinds of prosthesis: prosthesis resting on the gum (removable prostheses), and prosthesis done around natural teeth or implants.

Prosthetic treatments must adapt to the patient’s mouth. This requires a series of tests, as if making a “tailored suit”, unlike the famous “quick prostheses in 24 hours”, where is the patient who needs to adapt to the prosthesis.

After a comprehensive study of each case we offer the best prosthetic solution and decide which materials will work best in each situation. All materials we used are high quality to provide the best and most warranted treatment to each patient.

In most cases of prosthetic crowns around teeth we can make prosthetic solutions without metal, using materials such as zirconium or lithium disilicate, reaching a high aesthetic result.