Orthodontics helps to correct dental malposition and achieve a functional and aesthetic alignment of the teeth. It can be done at any age, that is to say both in adult patients and in children.

It is helpful in the multidisciplinary oral rehabilitation treatments allowing us to avoid aggressive restorations and also improving the prognosis of our treatments. That is why today is considered an essential tool in the oral rehabilitation of adult patients, improving both aesthetics and function.

In our dental practice Dr. Portugal performs all types of orthodontic treatments: placement of metal or ceramic brackets, invisible orthodontic treatment and also the technique of placing lingual brackets (ie the inner side of teeth). The latest techniques allow invisible orthodontics (Invisalign). They work using removable invisible splints, without the need of placing brackets. Thus the patient can be on treatment without seeing any piece of metal in his mouth and, therefore, without compromising aesthetics at all.