Dr. Rojo Xicart wins at Osteology Monaco!

ernest rojoDr. Ernest Rojo Xicart presented at the International Symposium Osteology Monaco and wins de 1st award in the Clinical Research category presenting the results of an investigacion which is being carried out at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) together with Drs: Giorgio Stroppa, Ignacio Sanz-Martín, Óscar Gónzalez-Martín i José Nart. The study presented it is named: “Soft tissue volume gain around dental implants using autogenous subepithelial connective tissue graft from the palate or tuberosity – preliminary results of a randomised prospective clinical study” and it is a part of the Phd project that is peforming Dr. Rojo Xicart.


This award it is one of the most important worldwide ones in the field of clinical research. More than 180 participants has participated and Dr. Rojo Xicart was selected together with 5 investigators from around the world. The winner was Dr. Ernest Rojo Xicart.


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