Straumann implants, the more successful ones

A study about short and long term success of dental implants has been published by the investigators of the University of Goteburg (Sweden). The results has demonstrated that the success of dental implants depends on the brand, and Straumann has been classified as the best one having the less number of failures.

In this investigation 10 implant brands and 2765 subjects have been enrolled. The number of failures and risk of failure were analised for all the implant throught the years. Straumann implants resulted in the lower failure rate. While other implant brands had a 3,8% failure rate at long term, Straumann presented only a 0,5% being the best implant system.

At Clinica Dental Dr. Rojo we are using Straumann implant system from more than 25 years ago. With the results of the study we certify the great success obtained from years ago at our dental practice.